Every 15 Minutes Program

After a heart warming personal success story, Lina Lumme, the Executive Director of The Youth Center shared the impact that the recently completed Every 15 Minutes program had on the students, families, and community. 

The 2-day program focuses on the potential impacts and unforeseen consequences of driving under the influence can have on the driver, their friends, family, and the community as a whole. 

The Los Al Griffin News team burned the midnight oil to put the clips and scenes from the first day into the a video that was played for the student body on the second day of the program. The production quality of the video is outstanding. Remember these are high school students

The 15-minute video below is well worth the watch.

Lina Lumme, CEO of th eYouth Center presents Every 15 Minutes program at the Los Al Rotary March 7 2023 Rotary Club meeting
The Youth Center's Executive Directo, Lina Lumme

Every 15 Minutes - 2023

And the Rest of the Story...

Following Lina’s wonderful and moving presentation, Dave updated the Club on the Cypress Club’s Spaghetti Feed from the previous weekend and their desire to merge our Clubs. There will be more information on this in the coming weeks. 

Chad then led us in collecting “Happy Dollars.” These are typically small dollar amounts contributed to the Club to support our programs dedicated to some happy (or sometimes sad) events that have recently occurred in our lives. It’s a great way for Club members to get caught up on what’s happening in fellow member’s lives. Good times.

Chad Berlinghieri collects "Happy Dollars" at the Los Al Rotary March 7 2023 Rotary Club meeting
Chad Berlinghieri collects "Happy Dollars" from Club Members