March 21st Meeting

Following the introduction of our guests and our guest speaker CIF Commissioner Rob Wigod, we heard from Dave and Art on some of the experiences and lessons learned at the recent District 5320 Training which was held at Chapman University. 

We also recognized  Ganahl Lumber for their ongoing support of our club. Their support allows us to recognized students and do so many other things for our community. THANK YOU GANAHL LUMBER!

President Dave Barnes opens the meeting

Student of the Month: Kenneth Sandoval!

Ken Sandoval (center), with his mom and sister after receiveing the award

Our March Student of the Month is Kenneth Sandoval!

Ken is an outstanding senior in our Emergency Response program. His teacher, Mr. Weatherman told us:

“Kenneth is probably the quietest student in EMT class, but don’t let the fool you he is one of the brightest and most astute students in class. I know that if there is a difficult concept in class and most other students don’t understand it, I can call on Mr. Sandoval and he will 9 times out of 10 have the correct answer. He is also willing to help others in his skills groups when they need help. I couldn’t think of another student more worthy of this accolade.”

CIF Commissioner Rob Wigod

Rob has been with the CIF Southern Section for more than 20 years after being a high school teacher for more than a decade. He will be retiring from the CIF this year. Not because he’s tired or burned out, but because it’s time to move on and do other things in life. 

Rob continued and emphasized how very special the Los Al Unified School District is and how lucky we are are to have the District to educate our kids and be an example for other districts.

He also shared about some upcoming changes in the CIF league structure that will further the competitive balance throughout the section. We want to thank Ron for sharing with us and hope to see him at future Club events.

Rob shared some about his background and his family. He mentioned how long time Los Al football Coach John Barnes had recruited him from Lakewood High mostly  because John no longer wanted to be both coach and the Los Al Athletic Director any more, rather than that Los Al needed a baseball coach. But they needed that too.