Our Rotary Club Presidents

Over the years since our founding in 1964, the Los Alamitos / Seal Beach Rotary Club has had more than 50 community leaders step up to guide the Club for the next 12 months. These men and women have shaped the Club into a lasting a important part of the communities that we serve. 

We honor and recognize these individuals for their leadership and willingness to step up and carry on; to move us ahead in service to others. Thanks to each of you.

Rotary International - Los Alamitos/Seal Beach
1964-1965Worth Keene2005-2006Michael McCrary
1965-1966Hal Maxwell2006-2007George Young
1966-1967Don West/Mal Lucas2007-2008Dean Grose
1967-1968Henry Nieshi2008-2009Allen Mclean
1968-1969E.L. Dyer2009-2010Greg Franklin
1969-1970Frank Yassius2010-2011Sean Payne
1070-1971Bob Mccoy2011-2012Pat Eskenazi
1971-1972Frank Wakeland2021-2013Perry Apostle
1972-1973Peter Devlin2013-2014James Oliver
1973-1974Don Bedard2014-2015Todd Mattern
1974-1975Marx Dressler2015-2016Milt Houghton
1975-1976Ron Adams2016-2017Sherry Kropp
1976-1977Lew Webb2017-2018Sean Braithwaite
1977-1978Hal Niebling2018-2019Lina Lumme
1978-1979Jim Duncan2019-2020Tom Stretz
1979-1980Alan Pollack2020-2021Andrew Pulver
1980-1981Wally Kurka2021-2022Bob Dominguez
1981-1982Ted Mills2022-2023Dave Barnes
1982-1983Dan Murphy
1983-1984Robert Morgan
1984-1985Sam Varon
1985-1986Ken Bauer
1986-1987Dave Appling
1987-1988Wayne Jehoich
1988-1989Mike Sweeny
1989-1990Robert Halliwell
1990-1991Ron Castillo
1991-1992John Walter
1992-1993Russell Chang
1993-1994Joe Partise
1994-1995Farrell Scott
1995-1996Ron Malouf
1996-1997Howard Winer
1997-1998Jack Schoaf
1998-1999Tom Stretz
1999-2000Dixie Fried
2000-2001Wiliam Poe
2001-2002Mitch Anderson
2002-2003Art Gomez
2003-2004Dave Dugan
2004-2005Carol Hart